Hello, World


Welcome to Discourse Architecture. This site is essentially a directory with a bit of (hopefully) useful commentary. My name is Felipe Telles Ribeiro, and I am a graduate student at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. I am amazed by the accelerating development of the web, and this website is an effort to make sense of the unparalleled growth in the number of applications, platforms, communities, and other social technology hibjibberies that are making their presences felt online. This website serves primarily as a research basis for my thesis project (to be presented in May 2008), which consists of software that can assist people in reasoning, debating, and articulating their beliefs and preferences in a manner that other people may be able to better comprehend and respond.

As such, the following themes will be researched and to some extent exemplified by the projects listed on the site:

  • signal/noise ratio
  • ratings mechanisms
  • deliberation/dialog
  • identity 2.0
  • groups/issue-based alliance formation
  • educational software/groupware
  • anything with possible implications for collective intelligence, cooperation, and/or public discourse

For now I will not be enabling comments on this site, not because I am not interested in the opinions of others (my thesis is in fact centered on them), but because this site is primarily for research purposes. If you would like to share something or have questions, please email me at my first name + 2 last name initials (no spaces or other characters in between) at the email service provided by the company that rhymes with “frugal”. Sorry for the slight riddle, but one must stay ahead of the spambots.